What Are the Best Quarry Tiles

Quarry TilesEver wondered what kind of tile will suit your house best? Tiles come from different sizes and materials and are usually intended  for a range of applications. Knowing the one choice of tile that will be a perfect fit to complement your dream home is not an easy job especially now that there is a huge variety  available in the tile market. The tile industry has now expanded its traditional tile offerings, and also because of departure from the conventional materials, manufacturers can now offer high-quality at an affordable cost.
Quarry tiles, for instance, are made from natural clay, or shale, which are a very good choice for flooring, inside and out. Aside from well-established and proven durability, quarry tiles are also known for their freeze-resistant attributes.

Quarry tiles have been also a popular choice when it comes to decoration and ornamentation. Water resistance  is also a big advantage which is Quarry Tiles are commonly used in commercial and industrial locations. Besides these popular scenarios,  quarry tiles are also used in the construction of laboratories in order to prevent untoward accidents caused by slippery floors.

The Quarry Tile and its Uses

At first impression you may  assume that Quarry Tiles originate from quarries, yet you are wrong! Quarry tiles are so named because they have rustic appearance; they are in fact,  unglazed terra cotta tiles made of natural clay. Similar to bricks’ color range, most quarry tiles are also colored red.
The unique reddish-brown and unglazed feature of quarry tiles and its qualities as a durable tile have now become an increasingly popular choice. Add these attractive features to  low-cost and you can see why quarry tiles have now become increasingly attractive, especially to homeowners. Slip-resistance is a  major reason as to why quarry tiles are  used in kitchen floors and laboratories. The quarry tile’s rough texture which provides greater traction also gives it a unique edge over other kinds of tiles.

Durability and Beauty Combined

Some people would say that it is not always possible for beauty and durability to co-exist. Modern science and technology have, provided us with the means to enjoy a successful marriage of form and practicality . As a result Quarry tiles, are used not only because of their popular durability but because they can equally be used for decoration and ornamentation. Because of its popularity as a low-cost tile, the sales of quarry tiles is now  an upward trend in the broader market.

The world today has proliferated  from the traditional and conventional uses of most products and quarry tiles are no exception. The quality of quarry tiles has become more advanced and sophisticated through the use of high specification natural clay and advanced extrusion techniques. This allows manufacturers to deviate from the usual red-colored tiles to a variety of hues that will appeal to a wide range of tastes.Most  tile companies has now reinvented their quarry tiles and revolutionized them in such a way that it can uniquely match the specific tastes and preferences of each buyer by providing  a range of different-colours and  styles..

Cleaning and Maintaining your Quarry tiles

Dirt and other stains deposited on quarry tiles can be easily cleaned through all-purpose cleaners available in supermarkets. A glass cleaner can be used to immediately remove the stain and protect the quarry tiles from accumulating dirt. On the other hand, you could use a water-based silicone sealer to give your quarry tiles a natural look while giving it  long-term stain protection. To protect the beauty of the quarry tiles and maintain attractive looks, you can also apply sealers and wax to make your quarry tile floors look like brand new!