Three Tips for Planning Your Home Improvement Project

The idea has been simmering for a while, and now you’re finally making it happen. If you’re thinking about a home improvement project in the coming months, we don’t doubt you will have put in a lot of effort into it already.

And that’s always a good start. However, increasingly we find ourselves with loan applications to pay for home improvement projects that are half way through; to pay for unexpected costs.

The culprit is almost always the lack of precise planning beforehand (we like having a friendly chat with our customers). While home improvement projects are often a major investment of time and money but, surprisingly, many of us don’t seem to warrant enough thought into planning for the project beforehand.

With all the home improvement blogs on the internet, ideas/inspiration is plenty for us to get excited. With all the DIY inspiration on the internet it is easy to lose focus on the most crucial aspect: planning. This is particularly true for those who have never taken up a project before.

Guarantor My Loan is all about making a smarter choice with money, including those for home improvement projects. So here are three handy tips, based on our experience with customers, to assist planning in advance for your home improvement project.

1. What help will I need?

DIY is the buzzword these days, but not everyone will always be up to the task considering the complexity/size of some projects and lack of experience. It is important for you to sit down and have a good think about the time, patience and skills required for the DIY project.

Do you have them (be honest with yourself)? If yes, great! However, it’s always good to have planned for a back up, which also includes thinking about how to budget for them.

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